The latest version of iEXL is now available from iEXLSOFTWARE.COM. The product now contains the following options for your spreadsheet design.

  • Fonts

  • Colors

  • Background and Text

  • Text rotation

  • Text underline

  • Text alignment both horizontal and vertical

  • Edit codes

  • Column headings

  • Functions/Formula

  • Merge cells

  • Hide columns

  • Sort functionality

  • Password

  • Images

  • Freeze Pane

  • Page Heading & Footers

  • Text insertion

  • 50 DB files per workbook

  • UNICODE data processing

  • Data triggers

  • Borders and Grids for document design

  • Individual cell protection

  • Insertion of blank row

  • Ability to select and sort fields from a DB file

  • Recognition of default values for IBM i Date and time fields

  • Emails and much more.

 All the options above can be used by RPG, SQL, JAVA, QUERY400 software. No API calls required. Design the file and off you go to professional spreadsheets. 

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