IEXL Software - New Website Launched April 2010

IEXL software have now launched their new product website.

The website includes a 45 trial of the IEXL software which generates Excel spreadsheets from the AS400, iSeries IBM systems.

The IEXL software has been developed over a number of years by programmers with over 20 years of experience in programming for the AS400, iSeries IBM systems.

There is a full 50 page user manual available on the IEXL Software website.

Installation instructions are also available on the product website.

The company and programmers behind the IEXL product have worked with small companies and multinational companies in the field of data development.

The IEXL product comes to market after a number of years of development.

It is an incredibly useful and robust tool for generating excel spreadsheets for from AS400, iSeries systems.

The current IEXL version is IEXL Version 1.2.

You can also follow the progress of our new website at our Twitter at

IEXL Software 45 Day Trial