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Unicode processing has now been verified and is part of the iEXL download available from iexlsoftware.com. Please contact us  via iexlsupport.com for further information.

iEXL has now been tested for China, Japan, India, Arab character set, etc. It will be under test at a client site for the next week. If all goes well it will be available for download on Mon 6th Aug.

iEXL has now been verified to work using Excel 2010. See iEXLSUPPORT.COM

Functions and Formula

The new functions and formula along with trigger processing are now under test at client sites.  If all goes well the new software will be available for download on Mon 23rd July. See iEXLSOFTWARE.COM and iEXLSUPPORT.COM for existing funtionality.

Now under development are non adjacent formulas which allow for conditional functions such as IF(C3=’USD’,C5*C7,””). This allows for much more complex formula/functions within iEXL. These functions are triggered by values in cells that are searched for. If a match is found the value is replaced with the formula. For more details see the existing user manual at iexlsoftware.com OR ask us a question at iexlsupport.com 

iEXL V3R2M2 is now available and complete.

iEXL allows you to design professional spreadsheets straight from your AS400 with no programming. Some extra functionality does require BASIC programming.

iEXL now contains options such as  Fonts, Colours, Text insertion, Images, Merge cell,  Functions/Formula, Hide columns, Column Headings, underlines, text rotation, Freeze panes, Passwords, 50 DB files per workbook and then email the spreadsheet. The system also allows multiple default settings to help speed up the design process. Apply these options to Columns, Rows or Individual cells. 

A new user manual is also available which contains step by step examples.

See iexlsoftware.com OR iexlsupport.com for more information.

iEXL now has hide column funtionality. When displyed the spreadsheet will contain the column but not display it. see http://www.iexlsoftware.com

iEXL. Updates

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Due to a recent request for extra funtionality the next update for iEXL will be available from 12th March and not 1st March. http://iexlsoftware.com

iEXL has now been fully testing running on IBM i Power 6.1

Available 1st March.

Sort funtionality has now been added to the coloumn control maintenance screen. see more at HTTP://iEXLSOFTWARE.COM or ask questions at HTTP://iEXLSUPPORT.COM.