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AS400 IBM i native Excel spreadsheet. Design/Develop genuine Excel spreadsheets on the AS400, iSeries, i5, IBM i on power. Use RPG, SQL, JAVA, Query etc to create fully formatted Excel spreadsheets. See www.iexlsftware.com for more information.  


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iEXL Column level cell protection iEXL now has column level cell protection. Via new screen options complete columns can be protected, www.iexlsoftware.com


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iEXL Individual cell protection iEXL now has individual cell protection. Via new screen options individual cells can be protected, www.iexlsoftware.com  

iEXL: Native Excel spreadsheet generation on AS400/IBM i on power. Design your own spreadsheets on AS400, IBM i on power using RPG, SQL, JAVA etc. For more information go to www.iexlsoftware.com    

AS400 Excel Native Excel spreadsheet generation on AS400 IBM i on Power. For more information see: iEXLSOFTWARE.COM

iEXL: Native Excel spreadsheet generation on AS400/IBM i on power.   Generate spreadsheets with. Fonts Colors Background and Text Text rotation Text underline Text alignment both horizontal and vertical Edit codes Column headings Functions/Formula Merge cells Hide columns Sort functionality Password Images Freeze Pane Page Heading & Footers Text insertion 50 DB files per workbook […]

iEXLSoftware.com Systems not running in primary language 2924. 1: All objects are normally in library IDDEXL. For systems not running language 2924 a second library named IXL2924 will be created and should be added to your library list when using the iEXL product. 2: Use the following command to modify the iEXL menu system. CHGMNU […]

Now under development are non adjacent formulas which allow for conditional functions such as IF(C3=’USD’,C5*C7,””). This allows for much more complex formula/functions within iEXL. These functions are triggered by values in cells that are searched for. If a match is found the value is replaced with the formula. For more details see the existing user […]

IEXL software have now launched their new product website. The website includes a 45 trial of the IEXL software which generates Excel spreadsheets from the AS400, iSeries IBM systems. The IEXL software has been developed over a number of years by programmers with over 20 years of experience in programming for the AS400, iSeries IBM […]